Cabbage Patch Coleslaw Wrestling

Cabbage patch coleslaw wrestling

Head out to Samsula, Florida for this year's Spotnicks Cabbage Patch Bar Coleslaw. Watching scantilly clad women participate in the "World Famous COLESLAW Wrestling". Click ON the Large Picture to advance to the next one. Heather Spears flexes her muscle on top of the cabbage wrestling pit at Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. Coleslaw Wed. - 001.jpg: Coleslaw Wed. - 002.jpg Women Coleslaw Wrestling @ The Cabbage Patch. Quality Video It wouldn't be Bike Week without coleslaw wrestling at the Cabbage Patch Bar. Dozens of Photo Galleries are available for your viewing pleasure.

CABBAGE PATCH HUMOR Click on any photo to see an enlarged version. The main venue for regular women's competitions in coleslaw wrestling for a prize is Daytona Beach in Florida. The Cabbage Patch is one of the best known bars in the Daytona area. Check out the 2009 action and see more Daytona Beach bike event videos at. Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch bar in Samsula sponsors the annual coleslaw wrestling matches as part of the Bike Week. The Spotnicks Cabbage Patch Bar Coleslaw Wrestling will be held on October 16, 2011. It's invented by the famous bar "Cabbage Patch") and.

Coleslaw wrestling cabbage patch 2012

Published on Mar 20, 2012 by asemitchell No description available. Daytona Bike Week 2012 ? 10, Roadside Marty rules the Coleslaw wrestling at the Cabbage Patch Rally TV Heads out to Cabbage Patch to watch the Coleslaw wrestling match and Roadside Marty steals the show! < > Friday, June 8, 2012. Read More: Weird Food, Daytona, Cabbage Patch, Cabbage Patch Coleslaw Wrestling, Bike Week 2012. Coleslaw-wrestling queen reigns over the Cabbage Patch pit at Bike.

Category: Autos & Vehicles Tags: Coleslaw wrestling bikeweek daytona cabbage patch. Well I had to check this shit out,sorry for the noise i was right by the speakers. The Cabbage Patch will be held on March 9th through the 18th, at Daytona Bike Week 2012. The event will feature World Famous Coleslaw Wrestling, Beautifule Servers, Vendor. Heather Spears, of Samsula, walks away victorious from the Cabbage Patch wrestling coleslaw pit to.

Bike week coleslaw wrestling

It wouldn't be Daytona Bike Week without a little coleslaw wrestling at the Cabbage Patch. Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch bar in Samsula sponsors the annual coleslaw wrestling matches as part of the Bike Week. Close to 750,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to converge on the small coastal town of Daytona Beach, Florida, for the 64th annual Bike Week. For those who like their roughage with a side of smooth moves, one Florida bar's semi-annual coleslaw wrestling competitions aren't hard to stomach at all.

Of all the Bike Week events, the annual coleslaw-wrestling tournament is arguably one of the most famous. Your Photos | 2010 Bike Week events photos from cabbage patch bar coleslaw wrestling. Women Coleslaw Wrestlers Battle For Bike Week Tradition Cabbage Patch Holds 33rd Annual Coleslaw Wrestling Event. Bike Week comes to Daytona Beach and other parts of Central Florida from Feb. 26 to March 7, 2010.

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